What are the Benefits of ITC Hearing Aids?

When choosing a hearing aid, there are a wide range of factors for you and your audiologist to consider. Modern technology allows hearing aids to come in a variety of styles and models. This means that no matter how severe your hearing loss is or what your lifestyle is, there is a suitable hearing aid for you.

A common hearing aid is the ITC, or in-the-canal, which is preferred by many people for several reasons. Here, we’ll explore some of the main benefits of ITC hearing aids, and see if they’re right for you.

What is an ITC Hearing Aid?

In the case of severe hearing loss, receiver-in-canal hearing aids are the best option. However, if you are living with mild to moderate hearing loss, an in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid is a discreet option with plenty of cosmetic appeal. Despite their small size, they can still provide a very powerful sound enhancement for good hearing purposes, making them one of today’s most popular hearing aids.

According to the International Journal of Audiology, 80% of adults between 55 and 74 who would benefit from a hearing aid do not use them. One reason given for not wearing hearing aids is embarrassment over being seen wearing one. The ITC hearing aid helps to solve this issue.

The ITC hearing aid is a small, one-piece hearing aid that fits deep down in the ear canal. Like all hearing aids, In-the-canal hearing aids have a microphone, amplifier and speaker to assist with transmitting and enhancing sounds in the ear. Some use a telecoil – a small magnetic coil that allows the user to hear sound through the device’s circuitry – rather than a microphone.

Benefits of an ITC Hearing Device

Some of the benefits of the ITC hearing device include:

  • Discreet – If you are feeling self-conscious about your hearing loss, an ITC device might be perfect for your particular needs and wants. ITC hearing aids are a good alternative since they are made in a skin tone color to blend in with your ear, and they are so tiny that you have to look for them to know they are there. But remember, just like glasses, there is no reason to be self-conscious about needing a little help – especially when that help is barely noticeable.
  • Comfort and Fit – The ITC hearing aids are custom-made from impressions of your ear canal, making them a perfect fit and a good solution for comfort. People who wear glasses, hats, or scarves may also prefer a hearing aid that sits in the ear rather than around the back of the earlobe. Once it’s in place, you can set it and forget it. This can be easier for adults with limited dexterity. 
  • Improves Phone Sound – One of the great things about the ITC hearing aid is that it does not obstruct the bowl of your ear. This means that sound can travel a little more naturally, making voices easier to distinguish and listen to. This also has implications for talking on the phone, as holding the handset to your ear should not disturb your hearing aid as it might with a BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid design.
  • Easy to Insert and Remove – ITC hearing aids provide an optional extraction cord for people struggling with dexterity. This cord eases the removal and fitting process of the hearing aid. While small, ITC devices are large enough to contain control wheels and buttons to adjust the volume, and many can be programmed remotely through apps on mobile phones. 
  • Additional Features – These hearing aids have features ranging from a dual microphone, volume controls and a wireless connectivity feature. Because of these additional features, ITC hearing aids seem to have clear sounds and can easily connect with other devices such as the phone. 

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