Custom Ear Mold Impressions for Earplugs

Most people assume that hearing loss is something that only affects you as you get older. However, the CDC notes that hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical condition in the United States. It can affect both children and young adults.

At Audiology Professionals, we want you to hear at your very best. One of the easiest ways to look after your hearing healthcare is using suitable hearing protection. Our experienced team of hearing healthcare specialists can help. One of our many services offered are custom ear mold impressions and earplugs.

Importance of Earplugs

Ear plugs can help protect your ears or your health in a variety of situations. Some places you may use earplugs include:

  • When sleeping
  • When flying
  • To protect your ears when swimming
  • To protect against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)

Read on to find out why or when you need ear plugs and which ones might be the best for you.

When Should You Use Earplugs?

At Audiology Professionals, we want to help you protect your ears and your hearing in any situation. You should always use ear plugs or hearing protectors when you are exposed to loud noises.

Noise-induced hearing loss is a common cause of hearing loss. Some estimates show that up to 24% of American adults experience NIHL. It is a preventable form of hearing, if appropriate hearing protection is taken. Earplugs can help protect your hearing in these dangerously loud situations. You may want to use hearing protection at:

  • Loud concerts
  • When working around industrial noise
  • Certain professions, such as airplane mechanic
  • When engaging in loud activities, such as hunting

Other times you might need ear plugs include:

  • Helping you sleep uninterrupted.
  • If you experience pain in your ears when flying.
  • To prevent swimmer’s ear or other ear infections that can occur after swimming.

Which Type of Earplugs are Suitable?

You will need different earplugs for each type of situation you might find yourself in. There are even different earplugs that protect you from noise induced hearing loss depending on the type of noise.

The best way of ensuring that your earplugs are the right fit for you, is with a custom ear mold impression. This way, you know that your hearing protection is personalized to the unique shape of your ears.

If you need earplugs, ear muffs, or have questions about the best type of protection for your ears, please contact us. Our team will be happy to help answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Consult with the Professionals at Audiology Professionals

At Audiology Professionals, we are here to help you maintain your hearing health. We take the time to listen and understand your unique situation. Our comprehensive services will be customized for you. Using the latest technologies, you’ll receive the very best service and enjoy our friendly staff. Contact us today to schedule an appointment  with our team.

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