Simplest treatment involves earwax removal

Tinnitus can be permanent or temporary, depending on the circumstances. There are a number of treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus available that we have previously covered on our blog. One of the simplest causes of tinnitus can be a buildup of wax in the ear that causes a blockage.

What causes ear wax? Ear wax is caused by glands in the ear canal. Wax catches dust and small debris, preventing it from causing an infection or damaging the ear drum. Often wax drains out on its own or falls out. Some people have smaller ear canals or their body produces more wax, so they are more likely to have an excess or have blockages. A buildup occurs when wax isn’t cleaned or it becomes packed in by improper cleaning. Using Q-tips can pack in wax further rather than removing it.

What happens when ear wax builds up? The buildup of ear wax can cause hearing loss, dizziness, ear pain, itching from drainage in the ear canal, and a sensation of feeling “plugged up.”

How do you prevent ear wax build up? Doctors do not recommend using Q-tips. Studies have also shown ear candles to be ineffective.

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