5 Reasons to Bring a Companion to Your Hearing Care Appointment

Whenever possible, we encourage patients to bring a companion to their hearing care appointment. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or significant other, that companion can play a critical role in the successful treatment of hearing loss.

According to HLAA – Hearing Loss Facts and Statistics, on average, people with hearing loss wait seven years before seeking help. They don’t understand that their hearing loss doesn’t just inconvenience them, it inconveniences everyone who needs to communicate with them. Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person experiencing it; it affects everyone in their world.

Let’s take a look at a few key reasons why having a companion join you at your hearing appointment will benefit both you and your audiologist.

Reasons to Bring a Companion to Your Hearing Care Appointment

Let’s explore how having a companion with you at your hearing care appointment helps both you and your hearing professional.

Added Perspective

Oftentimes, family members notice that a person has hearing difficulties before they do. A perspective from someone other than the person who struggles with hearing is extremely helpful to your hearing healthcare professional. 

The companion who accompanies you will be asked to share their experience with regard to your hearing loss. This includes providing perspective on how your lifestyle and interests may have changed as a direct result of hearing issues. It is also a reality that loved ones sometimes feel frustrated and are aware of just how much hearing aids are needed.

Emotional Support

Oftentimes, it is difficult to come to grips with getting older. Because hearing loss is associated with aging, a lot of people don’t want to admit that they’re losing their hearing. According to the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication disorders (NIDCD),only 16% of Americans ages 20 to 69 who could benefit from hearing aids actually wear them.

This is where encouragement from your companion can help. Discuss the positives of improved hearing. Appeal to the person’s sense of family. Make it known that this is a possible solution for everyone, not just the one with hearing loss. 

Better Understanding

An appointment can last 60–90 minutes and cover a lot of information. A companion can take notes why you interact with the hearing professional. He or she may also think of other questions you may have missed. At the end of the appointment, your companion can help you recap and review follow-up activities and instructions you may have received during the appointment. 

Familiar Voice

If you listen to the voice of your companion as you explore new hearing aids, you may be able to give the hearing professional pertinent feedback on how to adjust the devices to suit your specific needs. 

Deeper Awareness

It is possible that you and your loved ones are unaware of the impact that your potential hearing loss could have on them. The presence of your companion can enhance his or her awareness of and ability to advocate on your behalf as you make critical hearing care decisions.              

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